Underdog and Stephen King’s Romance Novel Title: An Interview with Joe Moore

This week Reader’s Entertainment chats with bestselling author Joe Moore.

Question: Using the Twitter method of answering (140 characters or less)
tell us what is unique about the way you write your novels?

I work with a co-author on each book.

Question: If Stephen King wrote romance what would be the title of his first
romance novel?

Killing me softly

Question: Where is your favorite online community and what brought you there?

The Kill Zone blog . There’s so much I can learn from my fellow 5 blogmates.

Question: What kind of readers follow your novels?

Those that like a fast read that delivers excitement mixed with a message.

Question: What is it about your books that you think gives it a world wide appeal?

They are spiritual thrillers addressing the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

Question: If you could ask the inventor of the internet one thing, what would it be?

Why didn’t you build in a method to blow up spammers’ computers?

Question: Name 5 people or companies that you follow on Twitter-

David Hewson, James Scott Bell, Erica Spindler, Jason Pinter, Joe

Question: If you had to write your own tagline for your series what would it be?

Mysteries with a message

Question: Using the Twitter method tell us what is the main hook of your current novel?

Why is someone stealing the burial remains of the most heinous mass murderers in history?

Question: If you could be any super hero who would you be and why?

Underdog, because everyone would be cheering for me.

Love the “Underdog” answer, but now I have the song stuck in my head! LOL

Thank you, Joe for chatting with us!

You can learn more about Joe at – http://www.cottenstone.com/moore.htm

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