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A phone call from a high school friend launched a series of unexpected events that tore apart a mans world, shocked his family, and impacted a community. Emotional scars rip wide open exposing a buried, traumatic experience that set the foundation to this disturbing story. Child abuse, a seizure disorder, addiction and family-related problems limit and scar him early in his life onward. As the troubled man sorts through memories from his early teens to middle age trying to make sense of his life, the story depicts the slow, sure degradation of his soul. For decades, the man who led a normal life on the surface now suffers from the unleashed problems of his past. With his world turned upside down, an attempt to find and finally confront his abuser years later challenges the mans strength and serenity. Burnt Cookies Arny Alberts Book Trailer Find out more about this author and book here http://www.llumina.com/store/burntcookies.htm Self help, child abuse

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  1. I just finished this book and it was a very powerful. Arny Alberts reveals, in detail, his horrific experience at the hands of this older man. The message here: Parents, TALK to your kids about sex, because if you don't, someone else will. The coach was a friend of Alberts and used every means to abuse him at the age of 15 when most boys are looking for answers about their sexual identity. This is a hard subject to read, but very important. Alberts suffered his entire life because of this sick man who was suppose to be his protector, "The Coach." Alberts admits he knew it was wrong when it was happening, but he was young and impressionable as most boys are. Thank you for writing this. As hard as it was to read, it needs to be brought out in the open so that parents will be aware of the dangers of pedophiles.


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