RT was Fabulous!

RT Booklovers Convention
by C.H. Admirand

RT was fabulous, as always. My darling husband, Dave, accompanied me for the second year in a row. For some reason, he decided he wanted to find out what went on during one of these conventions. I told him I always go out ahead of time and work behind the scenes. He found out first hand last year, just how much work goes on behind the scenes.

This year was more of the same, mountains of boxes to be moved and organized, workshops and parties to deliver books, goody bags, etc. for…the list is endless.but he’s such a good sport, he rolled up his sleeves and got right to work…again.

We really had the best time, working behind the scenes with JoCarol and Johnny Jones, Pat, Sandy, Jill, Corey and Andrew…so many wonderful people that keep the convention operating smoothly.   Volunteers-0from readers to booksellers…all willing to lend a hand…all wonderfully generous. Is it any wonder that my hubby has already said he’s coming with me to Chicago next year?

This year we arrived early and had one day to sight-see and made the most of it. We got to see a bit of downtown L.A. and visit LaBrea Tarpits. The most interesting thing was that the skeletons are not fossilized…they are the actual skeletal remains of Mastadons, Dire Wolves, Giant Sloths, Antique Bisons, etc. The tar actually preserved the bones, lending them a patina that gave them an aged look. I have an album on my facebook page…check them out at www.facebook.com/chadmirand.

There were some highlights that were so special, I have to mention them. To be brief, I’ll list them in no particular order:

I met and was hugged by my publisher, Dominique Raccah of Sourcebooks!

My book cover was included in the Power Point presentation during the Spotlight on Sourcebooks, given by my fabulous editor, Deb Werksman.

I attended my first ever publisher dinner with some of my Sourcebooks Sisters. Our fabulous editor, Deb Werksman, ordered champagne for us. I indulged and forgot about weight watcher points for one night and ordered butternut squash raviolis.

I had dinner with my agent, the marvelous Eric Ruben, and a fellow client and friend Anne Elizabeth.

My fabulous agent called to tell me Sourcebooks offered another 3 book deal!

The Western Reader Roundup was a huge success. We signed books and had goodies to giveaway to readers and the lovely Vivian led us in line dancing!

I’m already looking forward to Chicago…oh and PS…we’re driving…I really hate to fly! LOL!

I just turned in the revisions for DYLAN…a few days early…but needless to say, my brain is totally fried.

So I think I’ll take a week off to regroup before beginning JESSE’s story. August, and my next deadline, isn’t that far away!

C.H. Admirand

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  1. Congrats on the new 3 book deal ! I am hopeful to attend in Chicago 🙂

    Really sounds like RT was a blast, thanks for sharing your highlights !

    • Thanks so much! It was such a wonderful surprise and to have it happen during all of the crazyness of RT
      was an added thrill. 😉

      I hope to see you in Chicago!

      C.H. Admirand

  2. Thanks for inviting me to blog Thursday. Unfortunately, I was working OT
    at the office trying to make up for the time spent at RT…which of course
    came in the middle of my deadline for revisions for DYLAN, so I wasn’t
    able to post.

    Life is crazy, isn’t it?
    C.H. Admirand


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