A Blending of the World’s Eastern and Western Religions…

Imagine a world where all religions have the same basis, a common source…

In 1887, a Russian journalist named Nicholas Notovitch made the most remarkable discovery—a text that shows a fusion of seemingly disparate Western and Eastern religions. The find, which was made in a remote monastery nestled in the Himalayan Mountains, could alter religion and our understanding of divinity forever. But it never reached the public. The secret had been lost. Until now…

Grant Matthews, a scholar and religious specialist, is about to pursue the truth, no matter where it takes him. He journeys to the Himalayas, unaware of what dangers lie ahead. Matthews suspected that it would be an adventure, but who could have guessed that it would go this far. Presently, Matthews is being hunted by a group of religious zealots who are hellbent on keeping the ancient and enigmatic text from ever being brought to the western world. They will stop at nothing to maintain their own version of the truth, and if Matthews ever hopes to enlighten the world with his discovery, he has to survive their onslaught.

Join Matthews on the journey of a lifetime in the thrilling suspense novel The Breath of God, the recent release from Jeffrey Small. Small, an honored graduate of both Yale and Harvard Law School, is an award-winning speaker and writer who has expertise in the area of religious studies. The Breath of God, which is based on the historical account of a Russian journalist (mentioned above), deals extensively with religious subject matter. The novel is purpose-driven and fast-paced, full of action and substantial content. The writing is clear,and the characters are alive, especially Matthews, who is on a mission to bring to light a more cohesive truth.

If you are a fan of well-written suspense novels, especially those that involve religion in some way, then you should look for The Breath of God by Jeffrey Small, in bookstores everywhere. And if you wish to find some more information about this title, turn to the following website: www.JeffreySmall.com

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