Marvel Comics in Need of Super Hero

L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Marvel Comics just announced the lay-off of 11 employees as part of their cost-cutting initiative. This comes behind the company leaving 5 editorial vacancies open for over a year, and not replacing their COO Jim Sokolowsi who was pinked slipped a few weeks ago.

While Marvel’s movies are doing great, their print comics sales are sagging. They announced they will also be cutting the Iron Man 2.0, All-Winners Squad, and Alpha Flight series. Cutting the Alpha-Flight Series is odd since it is one of Marvel’s bestselling comics and was recently developed into a series.

Let’s hope Marvel is able to withstand the current economy and a super-hero arrives to save the iconic publisher.


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  1. Remember when comic books were all the rage? Kids would rush out to get the latest issue like their parents rushed out to get the latest news? There is something nice about that. We now live in a rushed “instant-pudding” world and we can’t even wait for that. 

    Kids today don’t seem to know how to imagine. Their toys talk and move on their own. TV, internet, and video games seem to be their main source of entertainment. Comic books encourage kids to read and imagine heroes that can accomplish the impossible. 

    I hope Marvel is able to remember their vision and find a way to continue bringing us those heroes who vow to save our world!

    We need heroes in our lives. Even if only imagined.


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