At the Desk: James Rollins

A Look Into the Life and Office of James Rollins

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A beautiful display in front of the fireplace

Walking into the office of James (call me “Jim”) Rollins my first impression is warmth.  It’s not just the beautiful fireplace in the corner or the beautiful view of sunshine out the large windows. There’s an overall inviting feel to his office. The warm wood panel walls with gorgeous trim and the lovely wood desk certainly reflect the author’s warm personality, but it’s the small things that add to that overall feeling of warmth.

I am immediately attracted to an antique typewriter in the room. I have three in my own office, but not one like this. My eyes are then drawn to vast library. Walls made of bookshelves. Is this heaven? So many books!

I see personal nick knacks like an Indiana Jones hat and whip high up on a shelf, a crystal skull and then I see something that seals the deal for me. This is the best office ever! Comic books and graphic novels? Who knew?! Yes, James Rollins loves super heroes.

Antique typewriter on display

Rollins is a graphic novel fan!

I see books by his own favorites such as George R.R. Martin, Michael Crichton, Doc Savage, Anne Rice, Cory Doctorow, Stephen King, and some of his personal friends such as Steve Berry, Douglas Preston and Jon Land.  It strikes me as interesting that he has books by his contemporaries on a bookshelf that is prominent in his office. It’s refreshing to find an author who is proud of and for his friends as much as for himself.

The Desk of James Rollins
The Desk of James Rollins

The office is beautiful, personal, warm and practical.  There are hints of humor and just a little bit of  “geeky” (hence the comics, graphic novels and fun Indiana Jones paraphernalia). Then Jim tips the scales when he tells me he loves the movie “Shawn of the Dead” and I’m convinced I’ve found the coolest author around.

Though the office is lovely and he does a good deal of research there, he does a lot of writing in his home as well, where his two dogs can lay next to him on the couch or at his feet while he sits and writes from a comfy chair using his laptop.

Whether he’s in his official office, or his unofficial one surrounded by adoring dogs, James Rollins’ “desk” is warm, comfy and inspiring.  Now we want to know, where do you come up with such dire and dangerous storylines when you’re surrounded by so much happiness? lol

What a fun work area!

Interesting Collections

Notice the antique dog collar?

A nice corner shelf in the office

What's on your bookself?

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  1. This is the perfect office.  I am going to decorate mine and you have given me some great ideas.  I don’t have wood paneling but I can still incorporate some of these ideas.  Until now it has been a catch all for those pesky boxes we never unpacked. Now that the last horrible year is over I can get started.  I lost my Mom and my Twin and I have been grieving.  It is time to get busy and start something new.  Please keep writing as your books have provided welcome escape from the emotion of the last year. My Dad moved in and that has also helped.

  2. I love “hints of humor and a little bit of geeky”! However, when the generator of the humor is usually Jim, you’d just need to listen to him talk awhile, and the room would fill up with humor 🙂 And, O.K., thank God for the smart “geeky” boys and their toys that grew up and changed the world, but kept their “geek” boy with his toys too. Then we get the benefit of these boys (or girls for that matter) and the wonders they are inspired to dream up. Yes, a lovely warm person/office complete with furry personnel, and always, always, a zap of unpredictability! Yes, this same person is a spelunker, and scuba dives, and travels off and on the beaten paths – and I’m sure has had many surprise experiences that are incorporated into his stories! Yay for we fans, blessings for your companions, and a wild wooooohoooo! to your next adventure, Jim.

  3. It is  nice to see a part of your personal life. I think of you as a personal friend that I have not seen in a while. I love your writing. Your books are a part of my persona. I hate it when I reach the last page…….and there is no more….. but I want it to continue. Thank you, Jim, for your inner thoughts. Patrick Kelley, Major USAF (R) p.s. thank you for entertaining the troops in the war zone. You and Steve Berry are just wonderful.

  4. What a great office!  And the books!  My friends tease me about my “walls of books”, but they are just paperbacks.  And they include the authors stated above as favorites of Mr. Rollins.  I believe a personal library makes perfect sense, and helps to make your house your ‘home”, as much as my Mom’s old 1936 era Wurlitzer spinet… 
    If I owned hard-backs I’d have to put cushions on them and make furniture!!! So I content myself with paperbacks (also more affordable so I can buy more!).
    I have enjoyed every single book I’ve read of Mr. Rollins, and will stretch my budget every time a new one comes out.
    Thank you!
    Jane E. Allyn
    Petaluma, CA


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